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1 Lake Street leaders to come to our parks to inspec 2010/8/9 
2 Yang in the Lake District, Yixing research talent 2010/7/22 
3 Jinxin Group "by the ladder climb"to accelerate tr 2010/7/19 
4 "cationic guar gum industry and the cigarette pape 2010/7/12 
5 Gold superiors Bay Park visit our tour guide 2010/7/12 
6 Group company organization Shanghai world expo 2010/5/19 
7 People's congress held "female entrepreneurship an 2010/3/11 
8 CRH3 whole project toilet first 100 referrals! 2010/2/8 
9 Jinxin merak air conditioning system Co., LTD. Was 2010/2/8 
10 Congratulates CRH3 high-speed train first check 2010/2/8 
11 Congratulates sewage - biological treatment cycles 2010/2/8 
12 JinXinHao grams cooling system Co., LTD. Was set u 2010/2/8 
13 Warmly celebrate group company website version 2010/1/31 
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