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Employees are the company and shareholder value creator that constitute the company core competitiveness of important constituents. Jinxin attaches great importance to the staff's growth, think that employees of growth and the company's growth is polytaxolgy based and promote each other. To help staff development of jinxin, support began in new employee into the company's first day.

Jinxin, give your employees is not only an employment opportunities, but also a play specialty, developing intelligence, creativity stage. The company advocates beyond the successful paradigm and surpass ourselves limit, company provide stage, per capita has piece of blue sky of culture. Corporate value is the basis of realizing values for each employee, the company will provide space for development.

The human resources department jinxin by providing professional skills and services, create an ideal working environment to attract, develop and retain the best talent, ensure that the company has the best employees and most efficient organization to unceasingly improve labor productivity, so as to realize the customers, employees and shareholders by three wins.

We enjoy the responsibility of person, we more appreciated for my ideal working people, we hope our employees is from the heart truly love their work, work, work, work of appreciation becomes master.

Jinxin need to learn, in learning, constantly jinxin jinxin and always willing to face them together and all employees of internationalization of competition, and constantly self cultivation, all staffs efforts done secco dense today, tomorrow and future.

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